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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

In the face of the opportunities and challenges of economic globalization, we must innovate in marketing concepts. The Internet has transformed the entire planet into a global village, creating a unified market for the world market. The market that companies face has become a broader and more diverse space than the national concept. Correspondingly, the survival of enterprises must be a global survival. These changes have brought opportunities and challenges to enterprises, and they have brought fierce competition to enterprises. Therefore, companies must adopt new marketing concepts.

1. Global marketing concept

Because of the commercial use of Inter-net, companies are faced with the opportunity to deal with customers at home and abroad at any time, anywhere, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Therefore, enterprises must not only establish a new concept of global marketing, but also must adopt innovative marketing concepts different from those of large foreign companies, avoid direct competition with large foreign companies, and expand their scale and strength through joint operations.

2, knowledge marketing concept

As a kind of behavior and method of relying on knowledge and information to promote high-level sales of goods and services, knowledge marketing has its own unique requirements, requiring enterprises to enhance marketing concepts, that is, using knowledge marketing concepts to guide marketing behaviors, and consciously taking corporate interests, The combination of consumer interests and social interests is organic.

3, green marketing concept

With the growing voice of promoting the sustainable development of the world economy, environmental protection has become the social responsibility of enterprises. ISO4000 is becoming a green pass for companies to enter the international market, and green consumer behavior has penetrated into the hearts of new consumers. People's ways of thinking, values, and consumer psychology and consumer behavior have undergone major changes. The "green industry" and "green consumption" boom has arisen. A huge “green market” consisting of green technologies and green services has emerged around the world. The idea of protecting the environment, advocating nature, and promoting sustainable development has become the consensus of governments and enterprises around the world.